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Honoring Jason's Legacy

Jason left an indelible mark on the lives of an incredible number of people. A gifted and creative thinker, Jason overcame the most complicated problems with grace and made everyone involved feel at ease. His easy going nature, wide smile, and depth of character ensured each and every person he met would feel welcomed, heard, and understood. While we all miss his light and laughter, we are all better for having known him.
Please use this site as a way to share how you, your life, your family, or your business is better for having known Jason. It is a way for us to collect and share our memories and the positive impacts Jason made in our lives. Collectively, we have a unique and beautiful story to tell about love, community, dedication, and compassion. Share your thoughts, memories, and pictures here and we will truly honor Jason's legacy through the stories we tell. 
Select submissions will be shared at the public Celebration of Life. Organizers will choose the stories that best reflect Jason's personality, passions, and projects. 

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